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Radio FX and Mic Clicks for TS3


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not sure how popular that is but here is a ts3 addon called "crosstalk" that gives coms a radio-type sound. it's free, very simple to install, it gives a cool effect to ts3 coms and it's totally client side based which makes it ideal for pub sessions (i've seen it being used by some dcs pilots as well).





it's a simple install and the features are found in the plugin tab. check "home" at the radio fx module and adjust the sliders to taste. when you have enough of it simply uncheck the "home"-box again.


i use these settings:

freq range 500/5000

ring mod 0/0,20

destr 10

freq range 600/5000


additionally there's a sound addon called "military radio" that changes the default ts3 sounds and adds a mic-click to give it a more military sound style.




if you just want to add mic-clicks here's a tutorial. use google to find different sets of click-sounds :-)



have fun.

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