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printf("Ahoy World!");


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The heck did I think when making this title?...


Anyways, Johann here, trying to introduce myself to a seemingly nice community :)


I'm a pretty normal 19 years old guy from nothern Germany, precisely a small town east of Lübeck who studies Communication-, Information and Microtechnologies and in his free time enjoyes playing all sorts of games, watching videos with more or less intelligent content, programming basic stuff on languages I don't understand enough yet to make profit of it and being a member of the local firefighters.

Personally I'm more of the shy type of guy but that's not as obvious on the internet as in reallife. Also I don't really like to be in the center of attention which also influences my style of gaming (I'm more of a supporting player than a frontliner :P )


[if you're still reading, props to you, Madame/Sir, usually people get bored of me pretty fast :P ]


First time I heard of AhoyWorld was in one of the many videos of this guy named Luetin (I'm sure you know who he is) in which I also discovered Arma as the tactical alternative to modern FPS. After some time I bought myself one virtual copy of Arma 3 and logged in on EU1

only to find one of the nicest communities I've ever laid eyes on so I decided for myself to get myself stuck in to AW (as recommended by those pop-ups on each joining member :P ).


And before I write even more meaningless stuff in bad english I'll say I'm looking forward to become an accepted member of the community and that I hope to see you ingame soon :)


Best regards


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