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DCS event: Tbilisi fly-in 13/03/15


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DCS fly-in occurs this Friday at 1800 UTC


If you're interested, please send me a request to guarantee the aircraft you want will be available  failing to do so might mean you wont get your desired aircraft.


We'll be aiming to open the runway for take off from Beslan at around 1820. Then we'll be routing south through a rather tasty river bed traversing the stunning Caucasus Mountain range to arrive at Tbilisi. At Tbilisi there will be a shooting range to practice gunnery and rocketry, it will be located close to the airfield so that would-be spectators can enjoy the fireworks 



Throughout the event I'll be offering a casual Air Traffic Control service

(Don't sweat it, nothing fancy you know how AhoyWorld Operates by now)





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For those that are flying the older aircraft (WWII / F-86, Mig15 & 21) with different channel frequencies see Lino's DCS Beacon map here - http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/588673/




Would be cool if we could get the Aires radio mod up but might be difficult on Short notice maybe future :)



it's like a DCS version (but been around alot longer) TFAR / ACRE for the coms and you use the in cockpit radio channels to broadcast over TS & receive comms between each plane

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Just done a quick recce of the route. That river valley is great fun to fly through, looking forward to it tomorrow. 


Also, those that make it to Tbilisi will be able to watch me and Raz do our signature manoeuvre! 

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Just thought. People who don't already have the Hawk installed will have to download and install the installer at the following link to get the Hawk in the 'Core Mods' folder in order for them to see me in the Hawk. This also applies to people who haven't installed the Hawk since updating to 1.2.15. When you install, make sure to steer the installer to your 'Eagle Dynamics\DCS World' folder, wherever that might be.



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Yeah I have a Tacview 

but it only records my flight,   :(


I suggest eveyone get it if we continue this kinda thing it's free for ever - http://tacview.strasoftware.com/


when you first get it you get the Home user version on Trial for 21 days after that it switches off some options but is still very usable 

all you need to do is launch it before you run DCS or FSX or FALCON4 or if you fly in real life and have a GPS you can export a saved route and watch it back in the program.

launch DCS it'll record in the background and saves to where ever you tell it to


It's great for reviewing flights and the aerobatic fun and game


If we all had it we can merge each of the recording together within the Tacview program to get every one flight on the same screen 

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