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Reducing Enemy count

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Hi there, My group has recently added this mission to our server. I have done some editing to the mission, specifically the main base along with adding in the BTC mobile respawn option. However as we are a small group that tend to focus on infantry more the ammount of armour in some of the AO's is a bit much for us. On the stratis version I have set the AO diameter to 400 in the hopes that it would spawn less, but there still seems to be the same ammount, the circle on the map is also staying the same size(around 1300m diameter).


Any help would be appriciated.

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Are the parameters no longer there to set the enemy count? I swear they used to be in the past. If I was restarting the server for the evening crew, I would typically lower the number of patrolling squads and vehicles to make it easier with a smaller player count.

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Yeah there are parameters, but even set at their lowest theres still a good 5-6 armoured vehicles. I think it may be due to the way the enemies are being spawned, given they are using 1/2 the "old" system and 1/2 DAC

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