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Hi everyone,


so what to say hmm there's a lot to be honest.


Who am I?


I'm Dominik 24 years old from Germany to be a little bit more exactly from Bavaria around 1 car hour away from Munich. I'm an big plane and helo enthusiast. I recently worked a lot on an Virtual flight organisation known as IVAO but the community is getting worse then ever and I started searching a new game for me.


Coming along with several games like diablo, hearthstone, wow, csgo and sooooo much more I started playing Altis Life which was the reason for me to buy Arma 3 after getting really bored there I thought why not using the game for what it has usually been done. I've searched a game mode for me which needs a lot of communication and Teamwork and I found I&A then searched a Server for it and found Ahoyworld as Nr 1 in the list. Especially the .co.uk part of the server name was interesting for me because I love the english language sooo much even if I'm very bad on it like you can read :D.


So I started playing I&A on Ahoyworld and really enjoyed it from the first second tried to get more informations about the weapons the classes what needs to be done how I can do it most effecient and how I can help my team the most.


First time playing on Ahoyworld is now aprox 2 years ago and I never played I&A on another server. My names in Arma where changing more then I ever thought and thats why I said ok I wanna have a name on the Server no one has and will never be forgotten. As a big fan of League of Legends and a champion called Hecarim my new and last name on this server will be Hecarim


I really hope to become a part of Ahoyworld because nearly everybody there is just awesome and I want to help improving the adventure and fun you have when playing I&A on Ahoy.


Hope to see you all ingame


Best regards



Dom / Hecarim

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What was that "one" question among all questions again: ...."Did you buy Arma to play DayZ?" ..............................................

I guess its Altis life here..... but on a more serious note, jokes aside, welcome to the community and hope to see you ingame sometime. There is always room for a good pilot, or just simply a good battle buddy, on the server.

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