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KPJ Reporting in!

Karate Pyjamas

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Hello all!


I've got to say I've rarely had such a loving welcome to any community. Kuddos to you all!


A brief introduction to me and my gaming history so far.


I've started playing the same games as my brothers when they went to uni years ago. I remember playing Call of Duty: United Offensive via Hamachi back when I was young. Those times were a blast. My current nickname still originates from that period when I was around 12 years old. My first nickname was GI-max which my brother actually came up with when I started playing with them.


Once that time had passed I rolled into Garry's Mod, back in the days when it was actually a free mod. I spent a good amount of time on there and got active in a few communities. However as GMod became more popular under 12 years olds who just discovered YouTube all the communities that were once so great got heavily DDoS'd and simply fell apart because of all the drama. This also ended that period in time for me. Swiftly before the end of this period my nickname changed to Karate Pyjamas as someone on one of the forums remarked having bought a "GI" which was followed by someone shouting out "enjoy your new Karate Pyjamas". Then adopted and still in use today :) (Kuddo's to some of you who've stated their joy in seeing my name, first community where it has been remarked twice in a week! )


L4D was just released and I hopped into a random server where I just rolled in to a gaming night even or "Gather" as they called it from a combined community from multiple clans. They called themselves The Group Thing or TGT for short. Simply having a blast there and feeling welcomed after all the GMod drama in the past I stuck there and eventually got invited into Earth Quakers or eQ for short. Little did I know was this the clan Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgewood founded many many years ago. About a year ago I had the privilege to meet a lot of people from all those different clans. They always said they were a big happy family, but during the real life 'Gather' I experienced exactly that, people whom I've know for years through the internet just continued their everyday TeamSpeak conversations in real life. It was wonderful!


On to current gaming life. As I'm a university student who's not doing too well I have to shift my priorities and everyday gaming simply isn't an option anymore. It actually makes me feel guilty every now and then. I'm looking for more casual indie games and some more serious games like ETS2 now to get my mind off of things when needed.


ArmA3 has been on my list for quite some time now and about two weeks ago I simply cut the cord and ordered it. I first played a bit of the campaign to get familiar with the controls and watched YT videos to see some of the gameplay basics before fairly quickly hopping onto EU #1 and getting straight into the action!

Now we're here, about a week in of ArmA3 play time on Ahoy World and simply having a blast! I just threw 5 quid at the donation form because I feel like this is just one of those communities where I'm to stay for some time :)

For those who wonder what my other hobbies are, I build model fairground rides and roller coasters from a construction toy called K'NEX. I display them at a variety of events under the name of Dutch Details which is a hobby/fan club me and my best friend run. Since we've gotten a contract with the mainland Europe Distributor to display our models for promotional events we've only gotten more busy, expanding our collection of models for various events. Our biggest project was an entire themepark made for a toy museum, the total build time was 2 years! If you're interested check out my personal and combined YT channel:

Personal Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/maxlaam

Combined Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DutchDetailsOfficial





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