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EU 1/2 Fixed Restart Times


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I'm not very well educated when it comes to how ArmA missions work, but I know that in ArmA 2 it was possible to make it so that the server restarts the mission automatically at fixed times (I've seen it done in Altis Life too)

Is it possible to do this on I&A? That way, we won't need to wait for an admin to restart the server when it bugs out/gets hacked. Also, it allows a nice switch around of the roles. It seems unfair just how first-come first-serve the slots are (I've seen pilots and snipers hog their slot for in excess of 12 hours...) it would give other people a chance to try out new roles!

Just a neat idea. You could make it so that the server restarts 4 times a day? Every six hours..

Please tell me if this isn't possible. If it is then I see no reason why it shouldn't be implemented! Keeps the server clean and provides diversity in the slot occupations!

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If i remember correctly we did at one stage have an auto re-starter on EU1&2 but due the the crashaton nature of Arma we'd end up having to restart more frequently, and then just because it's Arma and it's messed up code the re-starter wouldn't reset to the last restart, so it would end up that we'd "hard" or "soft" restart for a crash / script kiddie and then more often then not the re-starter would kick in 10 - 20 minutes later for the scheduled restart and kill the server again and it started pissing players & admins off so we took it away for sanity sake :)

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I think it might be possible with BEC, but i never looked into it for the reasons Bacon mentions above, and for the fact i dont like automatic restarts:

Kinda rude when your just in the middle of some good gameplay clearing a AO you have been working on for hours, and than just before you can finalize: BOOOM server restart :P

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