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Gamenight Saturday March 14th


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For this gamenight we will be playing Last Stop on EU#3


The start time will be 15.30 GMT for mission planning\setup and I hope we will step-off on the battlefield at 16.00 GMT.






Click here to apply for a slot! Failing to do this my mean you are not guaranteed a slot.


Short mission brief:


NATO are evacuating civilians from Kavala. NATO forces must search through a Russian occupied Kavala and search for civilians.



Additional Info:


I also ask that you listen and follow commands orders. 


Any dicking around will be taking seriously and admin implications may apply for any attempt to ruin or misbehave.

If you don't have the patience to wait for missions to be planned and to play the game style of the game nights please do NOT turn up.

Gamenights are just not for you.


Good Luck!



For info on how to get the mods click here.

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It really annoys me that I managed to "brick"  my mouse just as it started. I was tweaking settings specifically for the event, but the mouse manager crashed and screwed my mouse over. (In such a fashion that I had to use a virtual machine with windows XP to re-install the mouse drivers to 'reset' it.)

I hope to join next time! Sorry for not being there!

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