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Automatic trip-logger

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This little plugin will log your trips automatically. To the triplogger website.

I will be testing this today and report back in this thread if it is useful for copy-pasting into the VTC.

This way you don't need to make notes etc (only the screenshot for the XP-points, and teek track of the start\end time of each trip)

After you have done a number of trips, you can upload them in bulk to the VTC.

It also comes with a cool forum signature :)

If this turns out to be useful, i will log feature requests for logging the times&XP-points, thus removing the need to upload a screenshot for each trip.

Once this little tool is stable, i'm pretty sure it will be possible to connect to our VTC API and log the trips fully automatically in there too :D

Check it out:

Install your tool in the following directory:
C:\YOURSTEAMLOCATION\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86





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Ok first test:


logging is fully automatic, and works really well :)

Copy-pasting into the VTC is not very easy, i still find it better to type from the screenshot. Also the revenue is not (yet) logged.


So missing info still need manual logging for the VTC:

- Departure and arrival time & date

- XP points

- Revenue


Still pretty cool though, and i will continue using it, for statistic sake.



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I`ll give it a go as well, looks promising.



Tried it out, pretty good, as Kamaradski, gonna keep testing it.


Testing its banner as well. (see below)



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I have logged to following tickets on the bug-tracker:


Website time-zone is off:



Automatic forum banner update:



Include revenue in logging:



Include xp-points in logging:



Looking at how this system works i do not think it is possible to log the real-time dates, as it only makes contact with the server upon delivery, not on pick-up. So for now i didn't log such a request (yet)


Lets see if this gets added\corrected in the next few releases :)


SECURITY NOTE: Upon registering, please use an unique password that you are not using anywhere else, as i do not see any use of SSL (encryption) for any of the server communication, and in addition the password is stored on your computer in plain text. This is not an issue as it is a non-critical application, but just make sure to use something unique for your password.

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I`ve come to a conclusion that the fuel usage is not correct, my truck was showing me average 32.1 L per 100 km on the last trip, website is say it was around 49.3 L. No way I was using that much of fuel.

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The way it should be calculated by both the VTC and the auto-trip logger is:


1 / 2 * 100



1 - driven kilometers

2 - Fuel usage


The only way it can be incorrect is if 1 or 2 is not correctly logged. Try comparing all values from the screenshot you saved at the end of the trip. and see where is the difference. You can also try re-calculating with one of the available online tools: https://www.google.de/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=calculate+fuel+per+100km


I suspect:

1 - Your in-game truck logs maybe a longer period, not only for 1 delivery


2 - Your in-game truck logs only the last 100km and not the whole trip


3 - Your in-game truck logs the average since the last engine start or game-restart


As you see there is many different ways to log it, and the VTC and TripLogger log only the fuel usage for that specific delivery.


Let me know what you find out, this is interesting to know :D

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From the screenshot:

Fuel: 397.5L

Distance: 808 km

Fuel Usage: 49,195 L/100km



Fuel: 397,3L

Distance: 806,4 km

Fuel Usage: 49,268 L/100km (which seems correct to the upper result).


Which means the truck has to be either looking at:

  1. average usage per engine cycle (engine off -> on)
  2. average usage per petrol tank (meaning it resets after refueling, makes more sense) - which I did in the middle of the trip
  3. average usage for all of your km and fuel used with that truck

I`ll look into this a bit more.


Note: Last two loads were pretty heavy, 25 tonnes and 23 tonnes, so engine was working harder on acceleration. I`ll try less heavier loads to see if it makes any difference (it should).

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There was a update for this you might want to install (not mandatory, the old version will still work)




published on Mar 12, 2015

This version is just a minor update, you can download and install but not a requirement at this stage.

The changes in this version are
1: User account information is requested on installation and saved to its own location in the registry (no longer using a settings file which needed to be edited by the user)
2: Logs are now saved in program files (86)\ETS2TripLogger\Logs.
3: Uninstall feature.

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Testing the new signature:



There is also a Desktop version in development, we will get more control what will be uploaded to the server, proper data from trips, etc..

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The date seems to be a bit off in PERO's sig. Today is the 23rd.


Ye, I don`t have the latest version (has the issue with the date), didnt download that small update, gonna wait for the desktop version.

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Website has been turned off due to the author moving cities (posted on 14th April) and should be down for 2 weeks (hopefully end of this week). After that a Desktop version should be prepared and released.


It should give users more control over trips (modify data, select which trips to upload, etc).


For now, I strongly suggest to remove (uninstall) the logger as it causes a game crash because the website cannot be reached.

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some note from the developer (NV1S1ON):


I can tell you tho that the Desktop version (which will be released in a couple of days) allows for part trips and resumes


So the release of the desktop version is close !! :D

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It's working well for me (if you start it as administrator)


And i have been using the trip-log to log my VTC logbooks. I only write down the real-world times and take the screenshot, all the rest of the information i copy-paste from the triplog website.


This means i can play without too much hassle, and after i am done playing, i bulk log my trips at once. much better this way :)

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TripLogger received a massive overhaul, with new website, new feature (it has it`s own VTCs), etc.


The biggest news that I`ve just seen is, they are making their own Multiplayer mod that will support.................wait for it.........................some mods!!!!


The second, really promising news is, they`ve "announced" a new truck game that should be called Truck Hauler and TripLogger will be a official partner of the game. It has also been said, TripLogger users will receive an early-access of the game beginning of the next year.


If all of that is true, the future of virtual trucking looks promising!

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