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Live map with players

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This is still in BETA, and VERY VERY buggy, but when it works it is absolutely fantastic and allows you to see yourself, and players around you on a live map. For example of a second monitor or on a laptop\tablet etc...


I have been waiting for something like this ever since the MP was introduced, and will follow development closely. go check it out:


Official map: http://ets2map.com/


Test map for next version: http://ets2map.com/index_speed.html


Latest client (requires installation): http://ets2map.com/radar/setup_1_16.zip


Installation instructions: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/2497-ets2map-radar-beta/


or here: http://ets2map.com/radar



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ok this got developed a lot over the last few months, and i think it is actually usable now :)


The new update actually shows ALL truck over the complete map, all of the time !!!


As soon as i have some game-time, i will deffo have this on my second monitor :D and will report back how it handles.

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It should work without any software now, nust go to the website and find yourself on the map. (might take a while before your are correctly showing)


and i'm not sure how active Kat is still maintaining it...:(

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