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Client crashing issue

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Okay so I myself have a crashing issue and i believe others do too. 


I can almost certainly confirm it is EU3 related. I've managed to play eu1 perfectly fine. I'll be looking into the issue to try found out if it's mod/mission/game related.


Let me know if your game crashes while playing eu3 please

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what i found is that tf47 launchers has an updated related to the crashes : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?186674-TF47-Launchers-WIP/page16


That update came out just before 1.40 patch and it was there to fix its iternal mod issues. I know Josh was getting a crash after 1.40 update, it could have been an issue with client version of the lunchers (1.3.5) and the server (1.3.4) mismatch. I just spotted the Repo was updated so we`ll see if the crashes still occur for Josh.


As for Steam ticket fail, I`ve been using a Mod launcher that allows you to run the game straight through arma3.exe and not through Steam Game ID. Maybe try that, easy to install and use. I haven`t had any Steam ticket crashes since using this.


Arma 3 Mod Preset Launcher

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