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modding the pbo file


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Good day all 


i got a Q i been looking at the invade and anex files for a bit now    (yes a hole week i am slow , am a banker we dont do fast work lol)


finaly got it working on my dedi but it shows your TS and some details 



i would like to change em to avoid confusion when player join the server and see the wrong TS details and such 



all credits will ofcourse be to ahoy something i will add in to the scrolling msg   ( when i find out how to edit it  )


i found out i need a pbo reader/CPBO



but i got absolutly no clue where to find all the lines with your details i found i few but somehow it still shows up when i run it 


could someone be so kind as to point my in the right direction on where to fin em in the files or if there is something i am doin wrong or if i missed a topic that was already made 





thanks for the help in advance 






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Thank you for the reply 



I got a tool that will open it


just when i open it its full of files with even more files in em and then i am stuck .... :huh: <--- the look when i open em all and still are none the wiser lol


will try and wait for a member to get back from his holiday in 3 weeks to have a look  he should  knows a bit more about it then me  about it in the mean time ill keep trying 


thanks anyways much appriciated 



*edit *


think i found it if its just one file i had to edit 



Thanks again for making this mod avalible to others in the community much appriciated and the help on the forums 



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Okay, some assuming lets say the TS is what you'd like to change: 


  1. DE-PBO the file: Open the pbo with pbomanager. Right click and select "Extract to Invade&Annex.Altis"
  2. Open the "Invade&Annex.altis" folder. You'll now see a few folders and a few files.
  3. Right click on "description.ext" and open with notepad or Notepad++ (Download Notepad++ if you haven't very handy!)
  4. Now look at line 5 and change to your own teamspeak. Everything in this file is well explained but only touch things you understand.
  5. Click save and close.
  6. Right click "mission.sqm" open with notepad or notepad++
  7. Ctrl + F and search for "ts.ahoy" and change all the teamspeaks to that of your own.
  8. Click Save and close.
  9. Open the scripts folder -> misc folder -> Right click on diary and open with notepad or ++ again
  10. Scroll down to teamspeak and change to your teamspeak, click save and close.
  11. Now you need to PBO the file again.
  12. Open PBO manager.
  13. Click the Green down arrow button and locate the Invade&annex.altis folder that you just been editing.
  14. Right click on the folder -> Scroll to PBO Manager -> select "Pack into "Invade&Annex.Pbo""
  15. Now assuming you made no errors while editing the mission should be good to go!


Hope this helps!

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