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Sniper Team (For normal weekdays first).

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So the title probaly isn't clear enought, but didnt know how else to start this. As some may know, i'm a bit of a sniper nutcase out here, i love playing the role. So i am wondering if there are others who might be willing to team up with me during normal play times and form a little sniper/spotter team ocasionaly. I'm ok with being either the sniper or spotter, and am willing to share my views and pointers on how a sniper/spotter team should be used ingame without ruining the fun of all those who play infantry.



As a side note, during gamenights we have the marksman slots, which is fine with me, so unless the mission maker or simply the mission itself lends itself for it, i am not planning on doing sniper/spotter teams on the gamenights. However i could give a idee on how to implement the slot for future missions.


Best way to add them to the current Gauntlet kind of setup for slots, is to attach them directly to the Platoon Command element. This would put them directly under the command of the Platoon Commander and basicly have them as semi-bodyguards for the unit, until they are ordered to deploy to the field by Command personaly. This would avoid having lonewolf like snipers just showing up out of nowere and causing contussion for the ground troops, and add a sort of support element just like Bomb 1-1 (Minipily's Tank unit) that command can send in depending on the situation. This would ofcourse also be able to be used during normal gamehours, outside of gamenights.


Personaly i dont feel chernarus currently lends itself for a sniper/spotter team, so this is more and idea for future ports of the whole gauntlet mission to perhaps other maps like Takistan and later even altis perhaps.


So if anyone has an idee about this, or thinks maybe they want to team up with me in the future, go ahead and post to share you thoughts.


***PS: I know i responded to the EU3 Gauntlet Feedback to a comment from NorGamer64 about adding a sniper team, saying i felt it didnt need a sniper team on the map yet. I still stand with that comment, as i said chernarus isn't ideal for a sniper due to the ranges being far shorter at wich you engage enemies. However NorGamer did make me start thinking about this and i agree that i would like to see some Sniper/Spotter team in the future that plays a supporting role similar too how we have Minipily's Bomb 1-1 tank crew to support us sometimes. 


So thanks goes to NorGamer for getting me thinking about this subject.

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I wouldn't merge them with command element, but rather add 4 man recon squad, which can change it's loadout on briefing

between snipers and scouts, cause over half the time snipers aren't required within Chernarus operations.

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4 Man recon is fine, however in most cases a sniper/spotter team is just a 2 man team instead. The idea to put them directly under PC's command is to avoid having lonewolf tactics like on EU1 where the sniper/spotter slots are rarely used in an efficient manner.


Still, it might actualy work well, and create a more versatile role for those who like the sneaky intel gathering job like that of recon and snipers. So yes, i do like that idea of a 4 man recon unit that can be retasked to sniper/spotter duty.

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In my experience, having sniper slots is giving people a green light to go lone-wolfing, I`ve seen that happen in my ex-squad, in some others I`ve tried.


I would rather see a Recon squad (as it has been stated a couple of times), 3-4 man squad where one of them could carry a sniper/marksman rifle and others just silenced ARs.

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Thats indeed one of my fears, i want to play tactical and teamplay focused sniper/spotter. But as you say a dedicated slot often atracts lonewolfs which is what i wish to avoid. I guess a 4 man recon squad would be ideal as a alternative, then they can be retasked when command feels a sniper/spotter might be handy.


Meanwhile, whenever someone is on the server and feels like teaming up with me, i am up for playing a recon/sniper role if the PC will allow me, otherwise i have no problem being a marksman attached to a fireteam and help out that way.

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