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Gamenight Saturday 7th March 2015


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For this gamenight we will be playing [REDACTED] on EU#3


The start time will be 15.30 GMT for mission planning\setup and I hope we will step-off on the battlefield at 16.00 GMT.






Click here to apply for a slot! Failing to do this my mean you are not guaranteed a slot.


Short mission brief:


The mission is based around that 3 squads of insurgents are doing a attack\sabotage mission on a supply depot somewhere on the North island of Sahrani. They will be supported by 2x BTR-70s.


Enemy presence: The North island is occupied by NATO forces and have made a strong footing in 2 of the towns and are also defending the supply depot. There are also rumors of a MARSOC team also stationed at the supply depot.



Mission outline:


3x Indep Squads with 2x BTRs w/ driver\commander

1x Indep PLTCO


4x Marsoc Specialist controlled by players to add a unknown element to the mission\AI


Additional Info:


I also ask that you listen and follow commands orders. 


Any dicking around will be taking seriously and admin implications may apply for any attempt to ruin or misbehave.

If you don't have the patience to wait for missions to be planned and to play the game style of the game nights please do NOT turn up.

Gamenights are just not for you.


Good Luck!



For info on how to get the mods click here.

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Please strike me from the application list, unfortunately I double booked with a shift so I will not be able to come. Hope everyone has a fun time  Q_Q. Anyways we can always play it again.

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