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[mod request] ares


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Hi, today I stumbled on a great mod on BI forums and I would like to share it with you.

the mod in question (click me)


fast description:


Ares is a mod aimed to improve zeus functionalities by:

-adding   saving / loading capabilities for compositions and loadouts (arsenal boxes).

-adding an enhanced artillery waypoint (you can choose the number of rounds)

-adding a patrol, search building and garrison module

-changing the way arsenal boxes are created in zeus (you can load yours or use predefined ones)

-adding non zeus units to zeus

-adding a telport module letting you teleport players

-adding an invisible / invincible action on zeus players


*thoses functions can be removed


Of course all of thoses features are ONLY available to people that have ALREADY access to zeus and have the mod installed.

This mod is CLIENT SIDE ONLY nothing is needed server wise or client wise for others.



Why I'm asking for it:


The reason i want to be able to use it on I&A is simple, being able to save and load compositions and arsenal boxes as well as being able to populate buildings and making patrol is something that I've been waiting for, BI didn't do it but someone else did. Everything else is icing on the cake.


What issues it might bring:


The player teleport, invisible / invincible might cause some issues, aka people abusing it.

I personally assume that our community, or at least spartans are smart enough to not do something stupid with them.


An other issue might be the over use of objects impacting performance, but it's already an issue and as I stated before I trust other spartans.


Thanks for the read, /discuss








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Just played with Ares a little and it really offers functionality that should have been in the Zeus module from the beginning. And even if it won`t be allowed on EU1, thanks for pointing this mod out to me, i will gladly use it :)

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Bumping this.


I'm still thinking that this mod can improve the zeus experience on EU1 and overall make our job easier and more eficient.


for example when I'm zeusing i'm placing some sub-objectives on the ao, problem being that placing sandbags and shit takes time, with this I

would be able to create a setup in editor and then import it, or use presets ones.

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I`ve tried this in the editor and the result?


10/10 would use this again


Fantastic tool to create something on the fly, even maybe adding something small to the AOs (with FPS and performance in mind).

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