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Guide: How to start trucking?

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What do I need:

  1. a Steam version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (no DLCs needed)
  2. an account made on ETS2 MP official website (http://ets2mp.com/) - requires 1x Steam login for validation
  3. optional : 2 mods only helping to start your profile in Singleplayer



Step 1: (optional)

Download 2 mods that allow you to start with 300k money (enough to by a decend truck, color it, attach a couple of additional lights to it) and unlock all the trucks, engines and accessories with level 0.


Both files are hosted in my DropBox.


Unlocked Accessories for version 1.19 (will be updated with the game in future)

300k Start Money


Place both files into this directory: (depends on your OS)


C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod


C:\Users\yourname\MyDocuments\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod


Step 2:

Start your Singleplayer, create new profile and fill out the name, select the picture, prefered truck and company logo. Select the language you wish to use.


Tick BOTH mods in the list (or find them in the list if you have more mods in the mod folder):






A short explanation: Start money mod has to be/can be only used when creating a profile because it modifies the start save of the game. It is not dependent on any DLCs or anything. Unlocking mod only unlocks SCS default trucks, engines, item, etc. This one can be used at any time. The "zzz"s are in only to make sure those mods load last (especially the money mod).


Note: All the mods will be disabled when joining the Multiplayer.


Step 3:

Complete your 1st delivery with the desired truck and complete a 2nd one from the Quick Jobs list (pick a longer one to be sure). During the 2nd one, you should receieve a message about discovering a truck dealer. Complete the delivery anyway, get those XPs!


Step 4:

Visit your designated truck dealer, pick a truck, modify it (not all paintjobs are available in the default dealer) and buy the truck. Your truck will be teleported to your small garage and you should be ready to go. If you want to further tune/paint your truck, visit your local truck service.


When you are done, I suggest creating a game save, just in case.


Step 5:

Exit the singleplayer and move to the multiplayer.



Step 1:


If you haven`t played Multiplayer before, visit http://ets2mp.com/, create an account (requires Steam login once - to validate you own the game - your Steam Inventory and Profile has to be public just for the time of registration -> switch back to private after registration; visit Steam webpage to modify your profile).


Step 2:

After completing your registration, login to website and click "Download the latest version". Click "Game Client" and save the zip file somewhere on your PC. Extract it and run the executable.


Step 3:

Install the client on your PC, make sure you select the proper path to your ETS2 Steam Directory.

Suggestion: DON`T download Winter Mod, it`s not that good, usually causes confusion on the road.


Step 4:

Launch your ETS2 Multplayer with the shortcut.

Tip: add -nointro paramter to the launch line, skips the annoying intro


Step 5:

Enter your Email and Password in the window that you created on the official ETS2MP website (see below). You can tick the "Save password" option, remembers your account information locally.



Step 6:

Click "Settings", under "General" tab disable "Season Effects" (removes snowing forced server-side).



Under "Mods" tab, disable the Winter Mod (if you accidentally downloaded it or just in case).



Press "Apply" and return to the login screen.


Step 7:

Select the server you wanna play on (visit ets2mp.com website for info about the servers) and press PLAY. Select the profile you want to use (all mods will be automatically disabled). If a message occurs about missing mods (if you followed the Singleplayer part of the guide), ignore it, nothing should break.


Enjoy trucking!

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I`ve updated unlocked accessories mod to support game version 1.17.1



  • updated engine SII files to the new structure
  • added all new Renault chassis (all trucks have all chassis available)


Next update will come out with the release of new Mercedez Actross (probably this week).

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Updated the unlocked accessories mod to support game version 1.18



  • added new Mercedez Benz Actross


See 1st post for download link.

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