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Greetings from Lake Constance


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Most of you probably know me as Stuart.G from TS3! ( Or as the pilot that keeps landing in crazy LZs and getting destroyed XD )

Anyway I guess it is high time for me to introduce myself.


I am a 17 year old guy from South Germany. I have grown up bilingual and have been playing games for 10 years now. My first ever game was a MMO called EQ2! I started playing Arma 2 about 2 years ago and joined the A3 community a year later. ( I remember Arma 2 becoming more empty my the month as everything migrated here). 

I really enjoyed playing on the Ahoyworld servers ever since I stumbled on to it late last year!



Anyway I guess I see you arround!

Just call me if you need a extra grunt :)



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Hey dude!


Be sure to check out the EU3 server if you want some modded teamplay fun.


EU2 if you want some unmodded teamplay fun although its less filled.


EU1 for arcadey fun where you won't at all get a nose bleed. Jokes


Anyway have fun!

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