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I know its not just me but some of us want the RH-M4/M16 weapons back.

(not saying get rid of RHS ones)

The main reason why I want the RH ones back is because the weapons [in my view] look way better, have good textures, have beautiful models: they also have good animations that look realistic (no arms sticking through bodies and no broken wrists) and they have amazing attachments (also 3D ACOG Variants.

[before you say,I have download from the Arma3 sync repo and have the settings maxed] but when i look at the RHS weapons there are a multitude of problems e.g. visible polys on charging handle, texture issues on the stock (compressed green areas at far back) and weird looking selector switch.

So, as i said previously, I wish not to remove RHS but to just add RH-M4/M16 as extra because some like it some don't.


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It was removed because there were sooo many variants of one gun that was not needed and that caused performance issues and made VAS or VA to go bonkers. But dont worry, RHS is catching up. SR-25s have been added, so you can expect more to come.


Personally i dont care much about weapon textures since I usually get shot before I mire 'em innawoods.

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I am against it, we got a shitload of weapons already and people only use M16 / M4 or RHS weapons, and also RHS just added a bunch of new muzzlebreaks and flash suppressors which RH don't have.


Even if they are better looking it's not really worth the space.

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I do not like the look of this:


on the stock though. :(

and yes there are more variants but they look clean and cared for unlike the rough weapons in RHS (if I owned a gun I would make sure it is clean and smooth)

also they are made by the same people and it is only one type of weapon and not a selection of more than 50 or so.

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Adshield you looking the wrong way on the gun, the gun shoots the other way =P. 


On a more serious note tho, while rh m4\m16s( RH from now on) do look good, you have to look at the whole picture. RH brings div. variants of the m4\m16 family and other derivatives of the m4\m16 family,thats that.


RHS:Escalation brings said family plus AKs, LMGs, tonnes of units and gear, tonnes of new vehicles and is getting worked on by a team that seems to be burning for what they are making, looking thru the changelog they update alot of textures as they go and recently updated a mid-range LOD on one vehicle which they didnt like.


Also keep in mind that RHS is evolving, getting more content added which each update. 0.36 brought the SR-25, current US Trucks, a MRAP, ballistic artillery for Russia and while these are WIP they are looking to be quite good as is.



Im not taking the piss on RH, im just looking at the big picture regarding frames and a onlook of whats coming. Its just that RHS brings so much more than RH does, pluss you get the benefit of a mod that gets updated moderatly. RH was updated 2 times in the past 6months, after BIS broke the sounds and when he finally managed to release the 416's.


I hope this wil clarify some points for anyone who is wondering.

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While i understand your point about some graphical issues (is that snot on that stock?) i do feel that in general they preform well and look well enought not to distract from the gameplay.


So for my own opinion i dont care that RHS looks less fancy then RH, since they do the job well enought. Also i like the new AK more then the lose pack we had before, and seeing as RHS adds that and more, i guess we might just stick with RHS only, as there is no benefit in just adding both in there.


"Why not add both?" you may say: well because its just more copies of the same stuff we have, and more for the server and players who are on it to have to run, it just doesnt add anything that is sorely needed to the mix. The scopes on these guns are decent, and with the development still on the way, we may see more attachments at later dates too.


Just my 2 cents;

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Dakim the link I posted is an image of the AFG stock on the M4, and if you get something different then I don't understand how. 

yes they are variants on the AR-15 platform but they now have LMG variants and CQB ones and therefore I think it can be useful for A. the look someone wants with gear,  B the availability of Ammo and C. the style of weaponry needed for example the M16a1 for a Vietnam game night or something.

I just don't think we should wright it off like its a character in Eastenders, but seriously I think we should give the mod a second chance.

[yes I know bad example :D^^]

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Its actualy not AFG stock, as AFG stands for Angled Foregrip, but i did see the picture, it looks not as well close up then at a distance. Yet like someone else already posted, your looking down the wrong end of the gun :D you will not often see that part of your gun in 1st person like that unless you realy aim to look at your stock.


I dont mind a bit of hidden bad texture at closer inspection, as long as the final product looks good at a first glace or at a distance. Also, the RHS mod as said before is WIP, maybe they will add more higher ress skins for weapons down the line.

Dakim the link I posted is an image of the AFG stock on the M4, ......................
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To be honest I'm probably going to see if I can swap the models and textures on RHS for the RH m4 then.

But I don't see how the Cons outweigh the Pros, I don't think it will affect the FPS as much now that we are on Chernarus. [it wont be below 20 FPS.]

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