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Movie Night!

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Hello again all

So, following on from Buglet's post on the subject of producing an Invade and Annex trailer, I would like to be able to organise a night on the EU #3 server (preferably without TFAR) in which the I&A mission file is put up on the server, which would be passworded to stop randoms from screwing everything up, in which I as a sort of virtual cameraman film myself and you guys making your way around Altis, tackling all the missions that lay in your path.

If you would like to be part of the team of virtual actors that participate in this event, whenever it may be, then please leave your name either below or send it to me in a personal message. I would also like to find a member of core staff to work out when this can be set up.



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from the top of my head..i heard someone was on a recruiting run for EU#3 a little while back..would it be doable to make like  a promovideo in that regard as well? for EU#3 that is..if that's still something that's wanted..to get a broader playerbase i mean..

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I have done it on EU3 before, following the guys around with a camera, setting myself as invisible+invulnerable+no target and using fancy cam while using the teleport player under crosshairs feature effectively turning my body into the local microphone for TFAR


Very cool results but not enough content to make a video yet

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