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[IN DEVELOPMENT] AhoyWorld Invade & Annex Trailer


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Hello everyone!

Amongst other things, I have an interest in video editing, and I am always interested in creating trailers for games and communities such as this. It is because of this interest that I am embarking on an objective as follows:

Objective: Make Trailer

Area of Operations: my computer (and fridge, if I get hungry)

Aims: to create an awesome trailer for AhoyWorld Invade & Annex so that outsiders can see what they're missing

Intel: Invade & Annex is awesome, therefore, this trailer must be awesome

In all seriousness, I have asked Mattadee to collaborate with me in making this. I aim to spend a few weeks on it, perhaps more. This time will include planning, playing the game, gathering footage, editing, playing the game some more, perhaps playing some more, and then uploading.

Firstly, I would love ideas. I already have a good idea of how I want the trailer to be, however if anyone has some suggestions I'd be happy to talk to you guys about them.

Secondly, I'd love a voice actor or two. I need someone who has a good mic, and who can do a real nasty, gruff soldier voice. You'll probably be asked to say something like "buckle up soldier", "mortar incoming!", "honey, I'm home!", or "ooh that dress SO suits you!". If you think that's you, drop me a message and perhaps we can hash out a deal!

I hope I can make this awesome, and I'll keep you all updated here!


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...I can think of a few names, one being Pancake :P


I'm honoured you think I sound gruff enough. I can try doing some basic recordings through tomorrow when my house is deserted, don't want to piss off mother dearest with me screaming "INCOMING MORTARS". See whether I can sound the part or not

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Is it theater trailer or gameplay? imo it should be gameplay that shows the team play and tactics, the people and everything that defines the Ahoy community because the whole Soldier walks, talks and fake firefights already exists on YouTube, you need to bring something else because this is about the community and not the game. What I'm suggesting now would be very difficult to do but possible - 30 people that you can collaborate with and do some nice things in AO and/or sidemissions, like mechanized infantry insertions, parachutes, divers, cas etc.. I think you get my point. 

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If you want to make a really good looking trailer i'd personally take up the EU3 server seeing as it has great mods that can make some great looking scenarios.


But if you want to use EU1 seeing as it is much more popular than go ahead! Just remember we're here to help you if you need any help getting your mods set up or whatever you need to do!



Minipily "Mini", Bomb 1-1, 2nd Armored Division

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These are awesome Pancake! Haha :P Although I think you need to sound more gruff in the first 2, the yadaya sappy shit is gold! I'll find you on teamspeak some time and I can record you making some more :D

Although, that said, we are of course going to need to gather some footage that looks, clean, crisp and exciting which demonstrates teamplay and tactics. I've started working on storyboarding some initial ideas of how this is going to look but to actually gather the footage, I think the best thing to do will be to organise a night where we can stick I&A up on EU#3 (without TFAR just for the one night) and gather together a group of actors. Make the server passworded and have everyone on teamspeak to cooperate and do what needs to be done. Also, it might be an idea to quickly make a new version of I&A in which I am one of the Spartans so that I can spawn in and destroy stuff as we need to, ontop of AO's side missions etc...

If you would like to be part of this group of virtual actors, then please let me know either here, in a personal message or on a new thread which I am going to make about this night in the very near future.

Looking forward to seeing you! 

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I'd happily play as an actor!


I usually command tanks, squad lead or pilot and I'd like to think i'm good at them all, just ask all the people I helped killed...

phtqh19.jpg <----- Legit photo of tk victims


But seriously if you need any actors to do any special roles like the ones I said then please hit me up, you'll find me regularly on TS or EU3 but if you want to add my steam then here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073994926


Minipily "Mini", Bomb 1-1, 2nd Armored Division

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Okay guys. Could everyone who is interested in taking part in the development of this trailer please drop me a personal message. Don't hesitate to inform other people about this, too, so that as many people as possible know that this is something that anyone can take part in!

Once I have a nice list of everyone who wants to take part, I'll send out a 'script' screenplay sort of thing, that way the voice actors can get to work making some samples and people who'll be staring in the trailer can begin planning the events.

The trailer will be composed of both cinematic clips and videos from both EU 1 and EU 3. My aim for this trailer, in short, is to show not only how thrilling playing on the servers can be, but also to show how essential the strong community and teamwork is to the game. The trailer should last no longer than 4 minutes, (that figure doesn't include credits and disclaimers). I think that, if everything goes smoothly, we'll be able to have a recording session planned for MARCH 7TH 2015 - perhaps spilling over on to the 8th if need be. If your interested in taking part, it would be worth making sure you have a few hours spare on both of those days (not sure about times, but will probably be somewhere between 12PM - 9PM GMT). All of this is subject to change.

I have great aspiration for this trailer and have already written down some killer ideas for some short scenes. If everyone who wants to participate can let me know by MARCH 1ST that would be great, that way I can send out a script by MARCH 3RD.

Please bare in mind, there is every chance that this could take a few weeks longer than planned here. All dates put in this post are VERY temperamental. But, with that said, there is no reason we can't have a trailer published by MARCH 14TH with everyone's enthusiasm and cooperation.

Thanks again guys. Let's make this a trailer that will go down in history.

EDIT: added timezone info

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