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Ingame Name: Smittie

Why do you think you were banned?:

5 team kills (3 of which i have had a 2 week ban)


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?:

i agree with the ban just not with the duration.

i did make the mistake again for  doing team kills. a factor might have been that i was exited since my friend (joris) was also going to play arma. when i fixed his mods and he could join the server during form op i killed hellspawned while he was riding his quad (he recorded it)

and after that i was killed by my friend joris and i killed him for fun since we are sitting next to each other.

i recognizable the mistake i have made. i'm very sorry for the extra work i have made for the server admins and the irritation that i have created with the players.

i do understand the permanent ban. i hope with this back story that my ban wil not be permanent but say 1 month. since i realy like the ahoyworld servers and coreplayers.


Which administrator banned you?: Baconmop

When were you banned?: 21.00 GMT +1 (Amsterdam)

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Okay then. Well thanks for all the fun your server gave me and good luck in the future. I hope i can still play on your eu1 and eu2 if not well i guess i fucked it realy up.

So i guess good bye.


And ones again sorry for all the problems i have created 


Your sincerely,



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