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How to increase difficulty and changing parameters?


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I'm inspired to run my own server due to some recent disappointments with Aussie servers running I&A.


First a bit of a ramble to explain where I'm coming from...


I'm disappointed by the small number of Australian servers running I&A mod. I'm not sure how much of this is due to the server settings or the latest versions of the mod itself.


I&A used to be challenging when there was only a few players online. Now it is easy mode, with Halo Jump and too much CAS planes. The AO doesnt have enough enemy tanks, jets, helicopters or infantry. The infantry have a decent level of accuracy, but have very low range of player detection.


I had the privilege of playing on AllFPS.com.au's I&A server when Quiksilver was working on the mod there. That was a great server.


Also I've noticed some servers have a different player base (respawn point). The VAS is one guy sitting behind a small window which players can easily block. Perhaps Im missing the fact that one is Stratis and the other Altis?


Second, I have some questions about editing I&A to make it more difficult...


1. I've noticed in the Map > Parameters details, it shows various settings there. Are these changeable, and if so how? For example, one of the parameters is 900m area for the AO. Is it possible to increase the size of the AO?


2. Enemy AI difficulty. Is this to do with Difficulty settings for the server itself (Recruit, Veteran, Elite etc)? Or is editable in the mod files? I'd like to make the enemy view/detection range higher.


3. How to exclude vehicles? I want to remove most of the jets and helicopters.


4. Vehicle inventory. Is is possible to change the default vehicle inventory? This would be a convenience for those of us who like to load up vehicles with useful things, but dont want to spend 10 minutes doing it every time.


5. How to increase the amount of enemy tanks, helicopters, jets, infantry, snipers at the AO? I notice in the Mission Parameters info it does list how many might spawn (within a range or a fixed number).


6. Some servers allow Distance Settings to turn grass off, others only low or medium. Why the difference between servers? I want no grass option.


Basically just want a

less easy-mode

less hand-holding

no halo-jumping

everyone bring an RPG!!!

cannot rely on jet to blow up radio tower

theres 3 enemy jets and 3 enemy helicopters at the AO????!!!!

AO always ends in defend. ALWAYS. Did you remember to fortify your position?

version of I&A.

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