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Icy`s Introduction Post (+ Potato for length)


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Oi There,
Since nobody cares what length it is, and I like to make long posts, here we gooooo:
My name is Icy, I am from the land of the Dutch,I have been around since the summer of 2014, back then on EU#1.
I was one of those '' I`m gonna get a sniper rifle and be on this hill all alone '' guys. 

Terrible, I know. Therefore, here are my sincere apologies to anyone that I have harmed
with my annoyingness: Sorry.

Switched to Modded when it went up, had the most fun I had on Arma since Arma 2 OA came out, and shortly after that life hit.
Life hit hard son.
Since I was still studying 2D & 3D Animation the work started pouring up, since I had to jump from project to project to pass my college years, and I wasn't really able to enjoy EU#3`s grow. When I came back 2/3 months ago, a lot has changed, including me ( as said before). I started really enjoying the serious fun aspect, as were more people in EU3#. I havent been on EU#1 since.

I got to know some of the regulars quite well, and I felt like I had to support this community a bit. So I donated, and shortly after that got the Ahoy+ subscription. Just a little bit to give back to the 222 hours (as of yesterday, what a coincidence) of fun I had on the past year on the AW servers.

Keep it up guys, and I wonder :

How much hours did you spend on the AW servers?

P.S Heres a potato for the long post

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