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Creating AW/gamer team in BOINC framework program



Hey guys!


Long story short:


BOINC is a framework program utilized by scientific researches all around the world. It's used to donate the spare time of your PC to charity / in use of science. Surprisingly, BOINC forms the most powerful supercomputer in the world (!) from its clients and lets scientific researches to use it to perform extremely demanding scientific computation to find solutions to important issues like cures for diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, neural disorders and such.


By default, BOINC will not disturb your PC usage in any way. It performs computation only when you're AFK and no resource-hungry application (like game) is running, but it can be configured to behave exactly like you want. PC uses more electricity during computation, but the amount of additional power it requires is not that high and it all ends up warming your house up, so it doesn't really increase your electricity bill at all.






Here's more detailed introduction and FAQ about BOINC: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184512-Change-the-world-with-your-PC


Gaming rigs (especially the ones built for Arma 3...!) are known to be extremely powerful in scientific computation because of their powerful CPUs and GPUs, so you're needed! For example, I've got pretty decent rig built for A3, and it seems to equal from 100 to 200 average PCs in the network in terms of computation power, so gaming rigs do make a big change definitely.


Would people be interested in forming a team on project management site like BAM! (boincstats.com)?


If you got any questions, feel free to ask them here or add me on Steam: ezcoo_ :)




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