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More Steam hack shizzle!


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I made an old post bout this a while back if anyone remembers.


Well I just received a message from a friend that includes the contents of a steam message a friend of theirs received.





11:25 - Who am I?: new scam goin round

11:25 - Cywran: ?
11:25 - Who am I?: dont click the link
11:25 - Who am I?: Felen: Hello Mate
Felen: We held a competition in our group and you won free game gift and some game stuff on your choice
Felen: Add a second administrator and take yor gift and stuff please, he got error when he's trying to add you, http:/cssgo-lounqe.com/trade?t=1625731516 (Just copy his profile url into your browser firefox or chrome) and press the button "Add on Steam", he is waiting for you
Felen: Also don't forget to write a post after receiving the prize in our group please, thank you and congratulations :)
Who am I?: nice scam
Who am I?: i can see people falling for this
11:26 - Who am I?: "lounqe"
If you receive any messages like this, do not be fooled into a free prize or something. Just ignore and block that person if you chose to add them, also note how with the old hacks, when people used the link their account got hacked and they started sending messages like such to their friends, and the cycle continues. But do not add those friends, their accounts shouldn't be perma hacked, it's usually just a one off thing and they get control again. Well just take it easy ya'll!  ;)
Minipily "Mini", Bomb 1-1, 2nd Armored Division
P.S: Show this post to your friends on steam and remind them, not sure how long or how much these messages are going round for, but it's better to be safe than sorry eh?  :)
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