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Gamenight: Saturday 21st Feb 2015


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We will be playing Badlands


Details about the mission will be below


The meet up time will be as follows:


Saturday - 15:30 GMT Mission start



Badlands is a rescue style mission somewhat like blackhawk down.




You will not be allowed to JIP once the mission briefing is over..


Click here to apply for a slot! Failing to do this my mean you are not guaranteed a slot.


I'm only doing this to make sure the gameplay is fun and enjoyable for everyone!


I also ask that you listen and follow commands orders. 


Any dicking around will be taking seriously and admin implications may apply for any attempt to ruin or misbehave.

If you don't have the patience to wait for missions to be planned and to play the game style of the game nights please do NOT turn up.

Gamenights are just not for you.


Hope to have a good turn out and see y'all on the battlefield!



For info on how to get the mods click here.


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So basically, Blufor has to enter Zargabad to extract 4 insurgents that are working against the russians cause they have valuable intel.

Blufor has to assault the town and try to find the insurgents that are holed up somewhere inside Zargabad.


Il be in zeus to make sure its not too easy or too hard and hopefully we will get some proper cqb chaos on.

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Where to get an example loadout, that will be used or allowed during the game night, for training purposes?


From my first experience with a game night, I remember not having used any of the weapons that were dispatched for my slot and that I was asked to use.. this resulted in a catastrophic performance of my player.. I think I was killed three times, before I managed to get the zeroing of the scope in such a way that I could hit something. Not speaking of the night vision goggles and all the other equipment, which differs significantly from the vanilla Arma 3 or the mods allowed on EU #1 and #2.

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