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quick question in regards to yesterdays gamenight.

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the mission used on yesterdays gamenight on chernarus. is that like patroll ops on altis?, and if so, i sure hope we will be able to use it more often, also on non gamenights :D..joined kinda late because of weather, so dont know how well it worked, was some issues after i joined with missions not spawning..

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I commanded a tank through the toughest Desync ever and was relieved to get to the AO, once at the AO we took it slow and cleared right and pushed to the left, only to find nothing there too.


Upon realising that this AO had a suspicious 'No enemy spawned goddammit' condition.


We had a feeling maybe the enemies spawned further along. Before clearing the north we were told to disembark and meet up in a barn, where a furious moshpit unfolded, realising there was a problem I tried to resolve it with Ainsley Harriott.


This did not work.


I was then dragged to a bridge and placed next to my tank, I thought I was maybe forced to HE the barn, but Pancake wasn't that cruel.


He only pushed me off the bridge.


I survived and was dragged to the rest of the folks, only to be rushed and slaughtered.


Life for Minipily is harsh in the wild...



Minipily "Mini", Bomb 1-1, 2nd Armored Division   - 1337 - 911 Rest in RIP

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Chernarus has much more challenge to it, compared to Altis. As well feels having much more terrain variation despite it's smaller scale.


Altis in general feels like open terrain across the entire island, where most positions can reveal everything with a single thermal sweep.

Chernarus however has very dense forrests, making recon a much bigger task in certain areas, but there is still plenty of fields all-around,

specially within western and central region.


My only concern at the moment is the limited speed of certain vehicles.

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