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I hear rumours of a new realism mod

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I think that these things are great and I cant wait for them to come out, but I also wonder about how the effect would be on adding these to the eu#3 servers community , since focussing on realism is something that not everyone likes, and thus filters your community out for the more serious guys.


Although, luckily, I personally think the way AW introduces players to the new mods and rules are great. Like, really great!

I just think that the whole ''We are not a MillSim server and never will be'' mentality will and needs to change in the future cause of these new Realism mods coming out.


Ofcourse, AW will not be a MillSim just because of these new mods but as the mods influence grow  in  on our gameplay it will transform EU#3 ( as it is now ) to a more serious environment since these mods require that, and thus attracts those kinds of people who are open for that style of gameplay.

What do you guys think ?

[insert potato for reading effort]

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