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Possible BUG - Secure Chopper Side Mission

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So today on the 10th of february 2015 around 22:00.

Player TheScar[CCU] cleared all the hostile footmobiles and armor around the 'Secure Chopper' sidemission and the mission could've easily be finished, if not for one thing...

The fortified steel box, in which the intel spawns as trigger for setting the actual charges on the chopper and because of this a vital part for the mission, had not spawned and was no-where to be found.


I'm just reporting this as a bug because I can see no other cause for this problem and to make sure it doesn't happen in the future, because from what I heard he actually spent quite some time on solo'ing the mission. In the end I had to blow the chopper up so a new mission could respawn. StuffedSheep can confirm everything I've said above as he got online to check it out as soon as I hopped into his Ts3 channel in search for a solution. As StuffedSheep didn't know that much about how I&A's code translates into the actual gameplay (rough quote) he told me to post it on the forums instead, so here I am.



Some area shots -- this all happened around Atharos (SW corner or the map):



With Regards,


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I don't remember if this is a laptop or a box mission, but for the case it's a laptop:

Sometimes the laptop ends up under the table. As physics isn't enabled for it, that could mean hanging in the air just below the table surface so you need to go prone to access it. Not sure if it could end up under the floor as well though. I think this is because of ARMA being ARMA. Even though physics is disabled. sometimes objects tend to move anyway due to stuff happening in the surroundings that makes it update its position. Like explosions from grenades thrown into the building.

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