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Sorry for the breakdown.

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Ok so i would just apolagize for the way i responded to Leo (player) little stunt. Not so much to him, he got banned for good reasons, but more to those who may have witnessed my little meltdown. I'm not sure how much i send out through actual TS, but i had a bit of a smash the desk mood after that, and i hope i didnt go to far with the verbals there.


On a good note thought, it was fun being Platoon Command for those of you there. It didnt go nearly as smooth as most times, especialy on the organizing point, so i guess i will work on that in the future. Thanks for playing and thanks for letting me do command.


Cheers, DakimDragco.

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I was out on a boat en route the the ao at the time, so I missed almost all that fiasco. Still confused as to what happened but heyho, I had some pirate time. As for the leadership afterwards, I rather liked the freedom to choose how we handled the mission. It worked rather well with the two fireteams once some armour threats were neutralized and we could push up through smoke cover. The CQB in that town was hellish though.

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Don't worry about it mate, The set up stage of any mission is always high tension especially for the commanders, Squad commanders, FT leaders etc.

People who hop on and disregard the rules and don't take it seriously just end up pissing every one else off. He got what was coming imo.

I think there was alot that went out on TS!

I had to drop out half way through the mission just before red and blue RV'ed.

It was alot of fun though!

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It has happened to me loads of times mate, usually when I break down though it's a lot more noticeable as I had no idea this had happened.


It's fine though, people just gotta be patient and not insult others, if they are mad take it out on the CSAT right?


Gotta be good, Ainsley is watching...



-Minipily "Mini", Bomb 1-1, 2nd Armored Division

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