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Sling load armoured vehicles + ammo boxes etc


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Good morning all,


I've recently started playing Arma 3 with a few clan mates and we all love your game mode. We've set up our own server with it and are really enjoying it. We've started making some tweaks and have managed to figure out most things we have wanted to do so far but can't figure out how to allow choppers, maybe just certain ones if possible, have the ability to sling tanks/armoured vehicles.


Also I've tried lifting the ammo boxes on the ground that comes with the mission by default and it hooks ok but when i lift up the ropes snap? Is there a way to make it so i can transport these via choppers?


I'm pretty new to the ArmA modding scene but am thoroughly enjoying it so far.


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!



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As for armored vehicles, you can`t used the ingame sling loading for them, it`s how BI has defined sling loading parameters. You will have to use a script for that.


As for ammo boxes. it could be that simulation parameter is disabled for them, meaning you can`t move them around with Zeus, sling load them, etc... For that, a I&A developer is gonna have a better explanation.

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