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PO3 - Switching OPFOR for RHS Units

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I`ve had some time today and I`ve swapped OPFOR units for RHS Russian units.



- changed main units into VDV camo

- changed recon units into MSV camo

- changed sniper units into 2 marksman classes available (waiting for proper sniper classes)

- changed all OFPOR vehicles into Russian ones (mostly VDV camo) accordingly to proper configs (air, light, heavy vehicles, jets, etc..)

- changed rescue helicopter classnames to RHS Blufor choppers (Blackhawk, Blackhawk Medical, Chinook) - this can be changed back to Vanilla Blufor units or Kimi helicopters

- changed target officer from OPFOR to Russian officer (needs testing if the script removes his weapon/pistol)

- changed OPFOR faction into rhs_faction and changed the name into Russian Forces (can/should be change into something better - see below) - needs double checking if the faction name is correct

	PO3_side_3 = [ east, "rhs_faction", "Russian Forces" ];		// AI Side (Tasks and Ambient)


- changing divers to Russian ones (if they ever come out)

- changing Opfor SDV into Russian one (if every available)

- .......


I`ve done some small testing (locally) and so far the proper units have spawned, from infantry, light vehicles, tanks, static weapons. I would need more testing if all classnames are correct (or typed correctly) and if all task spawn enemies.


I`ll just share the Patrol_Ops_3_Configuration.hpp, because it`s the only file I modified. Whoever is looking over the PO3, feel free to use the file, modify it however you wish. My guess is, it just needs more testing by more players and see if the units are balanced properly.


Dropbox link to the file

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