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Things that could add a new way to do missions



So i'm personally a guy who likes piloting and overall just a lover of the sky.


And i have a feeling that we kinda need a new way to do misison, like a 

C130 for paradrops. It would add a whole new element to the teamplay.


For and example.... You have all people lined up ready to go. But there is one problem,

you only have 1 pilot. You can't fit all of the people into one helicopter or plane? What do you do?

Simple answer! You just take an extra big plane!


I would like to hear all opinions on this subject. And if any admins read then i would like to know what

the negatives are, and why it havn't been in the game since the start.




missed to mension but this is for EU#3


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this would require a mod that everyone would have to have installed which then would restrict who could join EU1.

As policy we do not use mods that restrict vanilla users to join.

sorry, but you could suggest it for EU3

I think this thread is for EU#3 just missed placed. Fancy moving it.



Personally i've always wanted something like a C-130 or maybe an MV-22 Osprey would be great.

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While i would love to see a c130 in game, i do believe we can already paradrop, we just need to eject out of the huron (or chinook) at high altitude. (ofcourse with parachute) Big problem is losing your backpack slot, so you would lose the ability to take extra stuff like ammo, missiles and medical gear that did not fit in your vest/uniform.

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First off all THANKS for all the replies and i can see why there is negative stuff and good stuff about it. :)


I know we could just take the chinook but this would just be more "different". 

I don't know if there will be performance drops but it would be very cool to actually have planes that can fit alot of people in them!


And yes this was meant for EU#3 

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