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Enemys not spawning at Main AO


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I downloaded 2.82 yesterday and i am not get any enemy's spawning at the main AO. I tried with the default file aswell and still there is nothing there.


Any suggestions?

If it is the headless client version then you'll need a previous version or you'll need to set a headless client up for your server. 


Basically we now use headless client which AI spawn on. Check the bis wiki for info on headless client. 


This might not been the case though as i'm not sure on the version :)

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2.82 is not headless client enabled. It does use DAC zones however and DAC zones do cache the AI. Unless the unit you are playing has a name added to the DAC config creator file the units will not de-cache themselves. They also do not show up on zues and you will probably need to use thermal's to find the enemies as they will be in a squad of 1 until the player is close.

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