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So uh, yeah


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Started this thread to address a few things and try to outfuck myself with some of the fellow ahoy family, here goes...


First of all I would like to apologise to anyone who I have annoyed and to those who I have definitely annoyed, yeah stuff has gone bad with me and I aint been the best guy but there's a lot of issues going on right now and I just wanna let ya'll know.


1. I got IRL shit happening, kinda stressful and not just that but I got a few bad things happening which I would rather not talk about.

2. I get insulted many times ingame, mainly EU3 because of me being a prat at times and because some people just don't like me for some odd reason, I have addressed this with other people on the server who understand.

3. EU3 has lost it's touch for me, I feel a major loss in people wanting to do new things since EU3 was launched and with newbies I find myself and others teaching more than learning new things.

4. List goes on for other stuff I'd rather not type.


So again, sorry and i'm trying my best to change things but right now I'm just gunna have a cooldown time, possible just change to a realism unit, possibly... *whispers in ear* possibly...


Overall Ahoy World is the best group I have ever had the pleasure of playing with and quiet frankly you deserve better, sorry.


If i'm gone, i'm gone, i'll be in the corner if you need me.


- Minipily "Mini", Bomb 1-1, 2nd Armored Division


P.S: If any admins need to know about the EU3 incident, talk to Josh or me, I have witnessed more problems that has been addressed and my incident with Dildor isn't anywhere near as bad as what other people did, not naming names but some you wouldn't believe would be doing something they did.

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I also hope this isn't a goodbye for ever, your a fun guy to be around, and yes sometimes your jokes and such get people a bit rattled/annoyed. But i think it would be alot less funny and gloomy with people like you not around on the server to ocasionaly make us laught.


Hope to see you on the EU3 again after the ban.


PS: The same goes for Dildor. ;)

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We don't want to lose anyone but going directly against the rules of the server because you thought you could get away with it is going to have circumstances. Don't dick around on the server & this wouldn't happen.


Dildor should've known better than to listen.

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