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EyePopper - Ban Appeal


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Ingame Name*: EyePopper


Why do you think you were banned?: Because I was having to much fun with my self lonewolving. trolling around at base. and exedently

landed with a parachute near friendly's wich gave there position away. This made the other players at that moment angry about me.


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*: Because I never heared any one complaining about me that moment. and never came up with the idea about what everyone else was thinking about me doing all this. I know I do have learned my lesson and I will promisse next time to think about others instead of me beeing selfish. Next time I will also stick to the group having a low profile. I will go offline if I start feeling bored or having to mutch fun what every one else will consider as ruining there gameplay (beeing a troll). So they can keep up having a good game experience instead of me ruining it. What i have done is wrong and i will never say any thing i did was right. the ban was completely right! but please give me a change to show you the oppisite side of what I have shown you people 5 moths ago.


Which administrator banned you?: I dont know his name any more.


When were you banned?*: I think this was in september (5 months ago)


PS: This is also my second ban appeal because I have bin told to try it again by my friends who got this information from another admin.

I also got banned from TeamSpeak so you know. And if this wont be enough please tell me I will try to improve the ban appeal if needed. And I want to thank the rest of you guy for a great gameplay experience i have had with you people. thank you for having a look into my ban appeal.





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