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Hello Ahoy World


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Hi everyone from Ahoy World, 


The name is Tim(miej12), i'm from The Nederlands / Holland. 


Been playing on the AW servers in arma 2 and arma 3 for quite some time now. Always as a random person in the server i wanted more teamwork while clearing objectives. Thus i've joined the forum/community right here. 


Being in College doesn't always give me a lot of time to game, but that's alright.


I hope to see you ASAP ingame to bring the pain !



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Thanks, nice to hear some other Dutch ppl are alround :D


Already downlaoded it and tried the modded server for a bit today, looks really good !


still kinda struggling with the new menus and the radio mod, any tutorials covering these fields?

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Here is some links i posted in another thread. Some of it is already done, like installing the mods. but a few can get you up and running on a few basics



EU3 Modded forum section.



Topic about the mods and how to install.



Topic about Gamenights & the rules that are enforced during those times.


There are several "Guides to.." topics already, maybe we will add some about radio's too (might do so myself soon).

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