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Help syncing ieds to main ao


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 but to know avail - again


Ah good use of irony there i see.


Have you tried starting with the simple stuff, spawning a vehicle. then try spawning a vehicle with an .sqf, then try spawning a vehicle with a condition, perhaps an if then else statement. then try popping that into our mission spawning script. then you'll get the hang of how it's done gradually.


you can find some great learning resources on the wiki, here is the arma 3 scripting library from that wiki. i hope it helps

also this spawn command should help creating a ne script for your IED's to do whatever they want


we do have a working example of mines too if you look for the minefield around radio tower parameter somewhere in our scripts :) follow it from the init.sqf until you find it it will be somewhere like main ao spawning

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