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a guide to piloting. (courtesy of Dslyecxi)

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for those out there wanting to brush up on, or improve their flying skils and tactics, here is a series of videos describing everything from basic flight from point a to point b, to more advanced manouvers. i myself has found a good deal of help from these, and i hope some of you will too :)..

as stated in the title, the videos are made by Dslyecxi from ShacTac.


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There is no substitute for experience, and you can only learn so much from watching a youtube videos,

for example you can't see what inputs he's making control wise on his keyboard / stick / pedals,


best suggestion is I'd make to anyone is use the editor get the feel for how Arma helos fly, then after a few straight hours practice, forget everything you learnt and jump into DCS and learn how to really handle a helo and then after a several straight days practice go back to Arma with some improved skills and adjust to the dumbed down physics & handling

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