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Squad lead training.

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Hi everyone,


I would like to ask if someone could give me a hand at getting some work into how to lead a fire team. Last gamenight i didn't do a verry solid job im my own opinion, so im looking to perhaps train at leading smaller fireteams under the command of a more experienced (at commanding a squad) player.


Last gamenight was chaotic, and due to the size and scope of it all i didnt know what to do half the time. I was nervous and it cost me and my unit a couple of times to many. By getting some more hours under my belt and gaining experience at leading smaller teams, i hope to get better at leading a squad so in future gamenights, i might play a lead role more often and in a better capacity then i can now.


If someone is willing to give me some pointers, maybe take me on during normal play as a fireteam lead, i would be verry grateful for the help.


Regards DakimDragco.

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Squad leading takes a bit of time to learn (writting from personal experience), plus not everyone can do it (not directed at anyone), it`s just something I`ve come to realize after being in a squad for 3 years and involved in some basic training.


As someone pointed out Dyslexis guide, it is very useful, you need some basic knowledge about formations, movement, positioning, etc. Mostly, you have to find your own way to lead a squad, your own system. As you said, maybe start with a smaller team, or just a fireteam within the squad and then build on that.


Other thing that can be useful is to give command radio comms to your RTO (radio operator - rifleman with a radio). So you only have to focus on your squad only and (constant) radio comms don`t distract you.

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If you and I are in the same gamenight, I'll show you how Badger squad does things  ;)


No matter what, don't let Cain get hold of a Zafir LMG. He will turn into "Trigger", and stay that way throughout the gamenight. And history has proven that there is no logistical service in the world that can keep up with the amount of ammo he uses. ;)

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