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Make AI Use VcomAI


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I`ll look into it, but probably tomorrow. I`ve used the Addon version, it worked okey, beside Skill config not working properly.



Okay thanks for that let me know, ive called it in the init and the ai seem to chuck smoke more and get knock out. Which to me seems a bit strange especially after there hit with gmg rounds! 

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What are you trying to achieve with the script? Any special behaviour or just generally beter AI reactions?


As far as I`ve seen, the script does take over the AI. Have you made sure you copied the userconfig into your Arma 3 userconfig as well (although that shouldn`t have an impact on the script version).


If you have issues if enemies are spawned before mission "starts" (that could mean editor placed - not sure, will do more research), the script has an issue known to the author:

"Group: AI spawned in before mission start sometimes do not react to nearby firefights."

I`ll do some more testing and talk to a couple of other mission makers, see what they have to say.

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If it is your private server, I would rather suggest using the mod version or use @ASR_AI, it handels stuff a lot better, plus it also has its own config file on the folder.




It`s a server-side only addon, does the job done pretty good. So far I am aware of one issue with it when using RHS Escalation, it only works properly when using a additional pbo file made by Robalo. Beside that, that maybe could be a better solution.

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