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regular reporting for duty


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Hi there, I'm Robin(callsign Bomer(pronounced boomer)).

I'm a dutch eighteen year old game design student and I'm here to... well... play games of course...


I have my fair share of experience with gaming and communities. Starting my official life as a gamer with Runescape and my life as a community-man in Minecraft. Nowadays my community work goes into Planetside 2 as community manager and platoon leader of the Phantom Company on the Cobalt server.(Best server of the world confirmed with Serversmash. We cracked quite a few american skulls out there.)


I mainly play shooters although lately I have gotten more diverse with indie titles, RPG's and strategy games. Whenever I play I generally am the supporting class. The games I currently play most are modded Minecraft, Planetside 2, Skyrim, League of Legends, Civ V and Arma.

Arma has been in my blood since arma II and I have been visiting the EU#1 server regularly after getting Arma III. A few days ago I discovered EU#3 which after downloading all the mods has been like a Wet-medium-milsim-dream. I decided to dust off the old account I had made and started to use it.


So here I am your support for pretty much everything.

Need a medic? No problem!

Need that marid dead? What marid, that wreck over there?

Need transport to AO? I'll be your dedicated pilot!

Need comms person? I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Need a spotter? Okay... maybe you'll have to look somewhere else...


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