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Audio issues

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nut sure if this is the right place, if not you have my appologies...the case is i have no engine or ambient sounds on the huron or the atv's in game when running with the modset. i can hear the ramp open and close, and tire squeal..but no engine sounds..wich is very sad for me...any ideas on what it might be?..tried verifying game cache...

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Verify the DragonFyre files (probably have to redownload it), looks like some could be missing.

Look for:

- dfyre_v_a_ch-67_huron.pbo

- dfyre_v_w_quadbike.pbo


Or just wait, there could be a new update coming up for DF this week (hopefully).


I`ve also heard there could be issues using DF with loads of other mods that use their own sounds. I haven`t tested that yet, only played DF with some basic stuff, not heavily modded yet.

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