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Greetings All!


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Hello everyone!

My name is Mattadee, and you may or may not already know me from ARMA III EU #1. I've been a regular on the server since beta and have always had a profound interest in flying. Of my 900+ hours in ARMA III, at least 700 are in Ahoy World's Invade and Annex mission, which I believe to be an amazing piece of work. As far as my history goes, I have been living in the southern UK for my entire life so far, and I'm studying in college, hoping for a career in politics. I bought ARMA III in beta and immediately fell in love with the game, and since then I have been part of 3 clans, all of which I was designated pilot for, and got 600+ ish hours in the air. My favourite chopper is probably either a Ghosthawk or the newly added Huron. But anyway, I feel that's enough blabbering for now ;3


I really hope that by finally deciding to sign up to Ahoy World and coming out of my lurker hole that I can contribute something posittive to the EU #1 server, the mission, and the entire group!

Hope to see you around shortly! :D

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Yeah nice to see you too Dildor. If I remember rightly you were BSM before they decided to take down their I&A server and half the clan revolted. LOL. Anyways, I'm still with BVAR but I take the tags off when I don't need them to be on for the simple reason that it makes my name shorter... #justOCDproblems. Never mind, hope to see you around  :)

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