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A little suggestion about JSRS



I'm not sure if its allowed already, but if its not then I just wanted to post this.

Since there is a new version of JSRS which is called JSRS3: DragonFyre and I believe it does sound better then the 2.2 version, so maybe it would be possible for JSRS3 to be allowed to use?


Here's an preview of it:


And here's the download link:



I believe JSRS3: DragonFyre is still in development but it can be used already, so maybe if owners/admins/devs decide if they want to have both versions of JSRS allowed. (But I don't see a lot of point in that)


For me personally JSRS 2.2 has something missing, but I don't know what exactly, and since JSRS3: DragonFyre is a complete overhaul of JSRS 2.2 I believe it will be a lot better for those battles :)


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