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So how would you guys feel about Escalation?



Iv'e been playing a lot on EU#3 for quite some time now and it seems long enough for me to feel like a change on the weapons front. You guys have already put some great stuff in the server that we asked for or you felt needed but I really do think that, although quite practical and well made, the Robert Hammer's M4 pack could be replaced with maybe just the US side of Escalation. The M4s and M16s on Escalation compared to RH's work just feel and act more like a proper weapon as a pose to a BB gun. I do like RH's work and I suggest you only remove his M4 pack, keeping the Pistols pack etc, but the Robert Hammer's M4/16s would be a nice change I feel for the better. (If you get round to testing the weapons you'll know what i'm talking about ;))

Hope you guys agree! I'm happy either way tbh!





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i personally wouldn't mind having RHS weapons for us side and armor (the vests looks better though limited camo BUT they got a lot of variants like medic, lmg, rifleman and more setups making everyone look the same but stll not be exactly the same)

Yeah the plate carriers do look pretty good and each is unique but I think the smaller storage space may be a good thing when you see people running around with like 30 mags of 5.56 on them. The only downside is there's not many color variants of each rig.

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