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Hello there Ahoy World !


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Hi lads ´n lasses !


My name is Radfahrer (cyclist in german), I´m 34, coming autta lovely lil´ Austria and am working as machine-tooling engineer .


I like to play guitar, read, listen to music ranging from classical over heavymetal to drum´n bass (basically whatever my ears like) and am a severe PC-gaming junkie for games like Assetto Corsa, MechwarriorOnline, Survarium, STALKER and most of all ArmA-series .


In ArmA I like to play either Sanitöter (Medic, although the term I used describes better what I do as medic but isn´t really translatable into english, closest would be medikiller^^ ), Engineer, EOD or Pilot .

Also I prefer tactical gaming way more than just pubbing  and although my nationality historically forbids me from leading positions I try to serve my squadleader as good as I possibly can .


So far so good, see you all on the battlefields


<3, Rad

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