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MODDED Gamenights 16-18th

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Welcome to the weekend!


To kick 2015 off in style we will be doing three organised sessions this weekend!

I've spread the times out over the different days so hopefully all can make at least one session.

We also hope to now continue with the once a week gamenights.


We will be playing Patrol Operations just as normal!


The meet up time will be as follows:


Friday - 19:00 GMT

Saturday - 16:00 GMT

Sunday - 17:00 GMT


Obviously JIP will be allowed however popular slots will no longer be available.


I will be reserving Mission Dependent slots for certain people (Pilots, Command)

I'm only doing this to make sure the gameplay is fun and enjoyable for everyone!


If you're interested in a slot feel free to post below with day and slot. You might just get it other wise, we will arrange it in the half hour before the session begins.


I also ask that you listen and follow commands orders. 


Any dicking around will be taking seriously and admin implications may apply for any attempt to ruin or misbehave.


Hope to have a good turn out and see y'all on the battlefield!



For info on how to get the mods click here.


The new rules posted in the EU 3 General Thread will be enforced

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Enforced rules
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Good day folks!


Firstly in my eyes Friday, the 1st gamenight, was success. With 27-30 people turning out. Once we got running and all on the ground, missions flowed well, and we were successful in finishing our two missions. Thank you to all whom turned out!



Saturday: I'd like to implement the same system as I did yesterday. So if you are coming to today (Saturdays) gamenight please message me on teamspeak with which role you would like to be in. *These roles are not guaranteed!* This is so that I can hopefully arrange numbers and such like before we begin deployment. Thank you guys and see you at 15:30 for pre-gamenight :)

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OhHai there !

1: Thanks for the nice evening yesterday, was really fun .

2: Sorry I had to go so early and hurried, but my earlyshift today was starting in 5:27 GMT+1

3: 15:30 pre-gamenight ? Waaaaahhhh, need to wash after working in a disastrous environment (heavy machinery workshop with loads of turning and milling machines and even more dirt and grime and cooling liquids )


See youses,

<3 Rad

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