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EU 3 General Changes


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Allowed Mods


We will now be checking the signatures of your mods. This means you will no longer be able to join the server using any mods that are not approved. All of the approved mods are on the Modded repository(mandatory) or on the Official repository(optional). For users that prefer to download all their mods manually here is a link to the AGM PBO's that we use. LINK. If you want to see a mod added you must now post it here http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3202-eu3-modded-general-thread/

Note: You may need to delete AIA TP and reinstall.


Main Topic






NEW Rules


Here comes the sad part, we were playing in large play session today and unfortunately some things came up and we are going to have to implement some written rules(mostly for larger play sessions).


1. Listen to the Chain of Command.

2. Heli pilots should be on standby in orbit over AO unless told otherwise by the Command Elements(not Squad Leaders).

2(A). Pilots should not get into jets unless told to by Command Elements.


4.Do not type over side chat(Unless in an emergency).

(If it must be typed please use group).

5. Don't use 2 seat aircraft when alone.

6. CAS Elements such as Jets and Attack heli's should be on standby and not free fire unless told otherwise.


NOTE: Firing F-18 cannon can cause server lag.






We will now try to run a gamenight play session every weekend. It will be on patrol ops every weekend if we do not have a mission for that week. The time may change in the future if people want them to occur at different times but will generally be at 

16:00 GMT.

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Actualy suprised there were no rules yet for the EU3, but i guess it can only be better for avoiding rather nasty side effects later down the road with thw he said you said discussions if somebody gets booted for goofing to much.


Have been out of it a while (Blame Dragon Age) so i am updating now, and might try to join some day later this week if i see the server has some more people in it.

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The rules we had before were mostly things like don't be a dick and weren't written anywhere. Our fault for not having any rules set in stone before, possibly, but I had hoped that the people that played on the server would not need rules like this written down. Unfortunately it seems that some rules did need to be written though. I mostly wrote them to try to keep it fun for everyone and so that people and some intended features would not get cut out.

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