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I should've done this before!


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Hey guys!  :)


I'm actually a member for about 1-1,5 year now but I haven't been on Arma for a couple of months but I started playing again recently. I never really made an introduction back when I joined but now I'm coming back so I was thinking that this is the perfect time.


I was born on the 25th of April 1997 and I am a true Belgian! I'm in my last year of "high school" and I study economics combined with languages. I started out as a gamer on the ps1 and now I play on playstation as well as pc. I am a true Razer fan and I am addicted to gaming setups! That's why I included a picture of mine and please feel free to post one of yours!!!


My other hobbies are playing electric guitar, that's why CCR is my favorite band, and I make pictures of cars.


I actually started a group on steam with a couple of other people that also play on AhoyWorld to play as a squad on EU#1 and EU#3. It's called the 101ST airborne division | Late company. The 101ST is my favorite military unit and Late company is actually because we are always too late to the AO. :P Everybody is free to join!


That's it guys :) Hope to see you on the battlefield and fight the Opfor along your side! 


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